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Hi, we're Randies

Our Story

Randies are the new fun and cool toys on the block. We're here to develop a different, young, and accepting new mindset.

The project was born from real love and connection to teenagers.

As a sexuality counselor for the youth, it was important for me to bring the issue of sexuality to the forefront and to understand the topics that will advocate for the youth on the topic.

While researching, I realized that specific pain points are essential to add to the agenda.

Sexual identity is an individual's self-perception of himself in relation to sexuality and describes an important element in the composition of self-identity.

Sexual identity develops and shapes, many times, based on social constructions related to the discourse and study of sexuality among teenagers.

For boys, the relevant issues surrounding their sexuality are usually questions about experience, courage, and the need to prove their masculinity.


Girls believe that sexuality is dangerous and are warned about sexual exploitation. They have concerns about contraceptives, intimidation against pregnancy, and self-defense; perhaps, if they are from an open home, they can experience pleasure and good communication.


This way of thinking is often how sex education is taught in school. 


Girls are educated by strong messages about the power of male sexuality and the passivity and vulnerability of their femininity.

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Our Goal

"RANDIES deals with female masturbation.

Where everything begins, and there is always silence and embarrassment that is unparalleled in the space of healthy sexuality.
The goal of RANDIES is to provide a greater sense of security in masturbation and normalize female sexual desires. We want to promote the youth to check and explore their desires so that in the future, as young women, they will be more confident in facing sexual situations."

“I remember that at some point in my teenage years, a good friend came and told me that she was masturbating, and that she didn't know if it's okay. I remember being shocked. First, by her telling me this, because I would never have told her.."
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A little bit of statistics

From data collected from the "Open Door Association"

in the last year (06.05.2022 to 06.5.23)





How we did it ?

That's why you can find us on social media.
We are working to develop a space for activity and dialogue,

so please, feel comfortable opening up and consulting with us and with our our bloggers and influencers teams on any question.

The most important thing to understand is that it's clear teenagers act and speak on different platforms that are not the framework of conventional education in schools.

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